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2017-01-30 22:20 Migrating progress in AnkiDroid to a new phone

I bought new Android phone and the only one application that I should take care is AnkiDroid.

I don't want to lose my learning progress.

Naive placing of SD card into new phone doesn't work. AnkiDroid said something about incorrect collection and cleanup /sdcard/AnkiDroid directory.

During cleanup AnkiDroid remove everything from /sdcard/AnkiDroid including .apkg files for import without conformation.

Of course I've made copy beforehand:

$ adb pull /sdcard/AnkiDroid ~/tmp/

I placed latest backup to old SD card in new phone:

$ adb push ~/tmp/AnkiDroid/backup/collection-2017-01-30-12-34.apkg \

and I chose to restore from this backup. Unfortunately I lost progress for current day, but fortunately not for 4 month!!

I recommend to follow official instructions from:


How can I copy my decks from an old device to a new device?

Method 2: Export > Import

Export your collection as a .apkg file from your old device, copy it to your new device using any method you like, and then import this file into your new device according to the importing instructions in the manual.

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