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2017-02-10 21:45 Joining two commits in Mercurial

How could you join two unpublished commits in Mercurial?

Suppose you have two unpublished commits in Mercurial and like to join them into single commit:

... --> THIS --> ... --> THAT --> ... --> LAST

Check that your commits are not published:

$ hg glog -r "draft() & ($THIS | $THAT)"

Update to LAST commit:

$ hg up

and import commits up to THIS into MQ:

$ hg qimport $THIS::.

Un-apply all patches and apply only first THIS:

$ hg qpop -a
$ hg qpush
$ hg qapplied
... THIS ...

Join with THAT:

$ hg qfold $THATNAME

To find name THATNAME use:

$ hg qseries

qfold preserve commit messages!

Apply all patches and move them to repository history:

$ hg qpush -a
$ hg qfinish -a

You can rearrange patches in MQ when they unapplied. In this way you may perform join in any point of drafted changes. For this purposes edit .hg/patches/series manually.

With hg qfold $(hg qunapp) you can join all unapplied patches into current patch. Commit messages would be preserved.


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