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2017-01-11 01:12 Preparing for interview on a position of a software developer

I was asked many times how to become a software tester. In addition to practical advises I modeled another response in my dreams which include keeping progress in a blog during preparation for a new career.

In a few weeks I like to get job as software developer.

Now is time for me to realize my dream and use a blog as a motivator for upcoming interview preparations ))

In a past my colleagues searched for "common interview questions/answers" and this helped them to pass interview with higher scores.

After refining my resume (at http://resume.defun.work/) I'll take next step in collecting tips for tech interview:

Those types of queries lead you to amazing resources like:

By now I'll go to sleep. And next day I am going to spend at collecting such sites and going to begin building Q/A for Java tech interview.



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